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Youth Concerts

Concerts for children... a perfect way to introduce chamber music in school, library, and community settings.

Chamber Music Concerts

The Talking Cello
grades K-3

Up close and personal! Storytelling and sound effects demonstrate what a cello can do. The one performer-one classroom approach gives kids a close look at music-making. Especially written for K-3. Half-hour program. cellist

Kids Can Compose
grades 3-7

Harp, flute, and cello trio present an interactive concert where kids learn to compose using musical hieroglyphics. Musicians perform student compositions on the spot. A fantastic way to involve kids in creating music. 45 minute program.

Detective Downbeat and the Missing ... ?
grades 2-6

A string quartet uses musical clues, fun, and intrigue to help kids search for melody lines, rhythm patterns, and other missing elements. 45 minute program.

What's A String Quartet Anyway?
grades 2-8

Imagine you are Mozart. You get to choose an instrument and play chamber music. What instrument would you choose? How would you play it? This lively introduction to chamber music answers questions as basic as the difference between a violin and viola, pianissimo and pizzicato. 45 minute program.

Trio Plus Mime
grades 3-8

A trio plus a mime/narrator and a new twist to the classic tale of Peter and the Wolf. Half-hour or 45 minute program.

Quartet Plus Dancers
grades 2-8

Four musicians and four ballet dancers combine in selections from Nutcracker, Rodeo, and waltzes. Half-hour, 45 minute, or one hour program.

Teacher Comments

"The presentation was clearly demonstrated... captured the student's imagination. I enjoyed the material you played."
-- P.C., Wilton, NH

"You were absolutely wonderful with the kids. Perfectly age-appropriate and with content. I'll bet this will turn a lot of kindergartners into budding cellists!"
-- A.N., Belmont, MA

"The kids loved the show and learned a lot. It met the kids at their level. They talked a lot about it at their next music class with me."
-- J.S., Providence, RI

Student Comments

"You guys sounded great. You opened up my ears!" -- V.S., age 10
"I like composing the song. I like when the harp makes a swirl." -- E.G., age 12
"My feelings about this performance were that it made me very excited. YES! I would love to play the viola someday soon." -- N.W., age 12
"My favorite part was when the cello made a fire siren sound." -- B.N., age 5
"I liked the music pictures that we drew. The stories were great because instruments took the place of words." -- K.S., age 11
"I really liked it a lot. You were stringtastic!" -- P.C., age 10

Sandy Kiefer, Music Director, is deeply involved with children and the arts. She has been a performer, music teacher, and designer of children's concerts since 1974. Her freelance experience includes performances with the Hartford, Springfield, Providence, and Portland Symphonies, Boston Ballet, Masterworks Chorale and other prominent organizations. She also writes a weekly children's column for eight newspapers and has taught art in enrichment programs.


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